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Professor Andrew White Joins Acellera Therapeutics’ Advisory Board

Professor Andrew White
Published on
June 26, 2024

We are excited to announce the addition of Prof. Andrew White, a trailblazer in AI-driven drug discovery, to Acellera Therapeutics' Advisory Board. Prof. White, co-founder and Head of Science at FutureHouse, is celebrated for his groundbreaking research and partnerships in AI and chemistry. His pioneering work includes the development of AI tools that revolutionize drug discovery processes by integrating machine learning and computational chemistry techniques​. 

Prof. White's expertise extends to practical applications of AI in drug discovery. He was a key member of the 'red team' for OpenAI, where he rigorously tested the GPT-4 model to uncover potential risks before its release. His hands-on experience involved using the AI to propose and order chemical compounds, demonstrating the model's capabilities and limitations in real-world applications​. He is also a primary developer of ChemCrow, an advanced language-based AI agent designed to facilitate and automate the design and execution of chemical reactions.

At Acellera, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in drug discovery through innovative technologies like QuantumBind® and ACEGEN. With Prof. White on our Advisory Board, we are set to accelerate our mission to transform drug discovery into a computable task. His expertise will be invaluable in advancing our AI-driven platforms and ensuring we continue to lead in scientific innovation.

Join us in welcoming Prof. Andrew White to Acellera, and stay tuned for exciting developments as we continue to lead the way in computational drug discovery.

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