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C4X Discovery And Acellera Collaborate To Shed Light On The Mechanisms Of Action Of Anti-Cancer Drugs

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C4X Discovery And Acellera Collaborate To Shed Light On The Mechanisms Of Action Of Anti-Cancer Drugs
Published on
March 30, 2022

This new collaboration between C4X Discovery (“C4XD”) and Acellera aims to elucidate the binding mode of a library of new anti-cancer lead compounds against a specific therapeutic target to develop new, more effective drugs against difficult-to-treat cancers.

Acellera will use its proprietary technology in machine learning and molecular simulations towards computable drug discovery through its PlayMolecule® and ACEMD® platforms to shed light on the mechanisms of action of these molecules, leveraging expertise in medicinal chemistry and structure and ligand-based drug design. C4XD will combine insights from Acellera’s platform with 4D ligand data from C4XD’s Conformetrix platform and utilise its expertise in Drug Discovery to design novel and potent molecules with improved physio-chemical properties.

We at Acellera are excited to see how joining know-how and technologies in machine learning and simulations with C4XD will advance drug discovery to deliver new and better therapeutics for patients” said CEO, CSO, founder, Dr. Gianni De Fabritiis.

About C4X Discovery

C4X Discovery (“C4XD”) is a pioneering Drug Discovery company combining scientific expertise with cutting-edge Drug Discovery technologies to efficiently deliver world leading medicines, which are developed by our partners for the benefit of patients. We have a highly valuable and differentiated approach to Drug Discovery through our enhanced DNA-based target identification and candidate molecule design capabilities, generating small molecule drug candidates across multiple disease areas including inflammation, oncology, neurodegeneration and addictive disorders. Our commercially attractive portfolio ranges from early-stage novel target opportunities to late-stage Drug Discovery programmes ready for out-licensing to partners and we have two commercially partnered programmes with one candidate in clinical development.

We collaborate with leading pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to enrich our expertise and take our assets through pre-clinical and clinical development. Through early-stage revenue-generating licensing deals, we realise returns from our high value pre-clinical assets which are reinvested to maximise the value of our Drug Discovery portfolio.

About Acellera

Acellera is devoted to bringing state-of-the-art technologies to drug discovery. Founded in 2006, Acellera is one of the first companies worldwide to leverage the use of novel accelerator processor technology (GPU) applied to molecular dynamics. We developed the first online platform for drug design based on deep learning and are now leading the introduction of machine learning techniques into the drug discovery pipeline. Among our clients, we count several of the top10 pharmaceutical companies of the world and were selected as one of the Top30 AI Drug Discovery companies in 2019.

For more information please visit: www.acellera.com

contact: info@acellera.com

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