Technologies to enhance your drug discovery workflow


Molecular Dynamics and Machine Learning for better drug design

HTMD is a Python environment to handle molecules, prepare, run and analyze MD simulations. More

ACEMD is a production MD software optimized to run on GPUs, speeding up MD simulation. More

PlayMolecule is a repository of applications for molecule modeling and prediction More

Acellera's latest research and applications on ML applied to biochemistry More

Computing infrastructure

Specially designed to run demanding MD and deep learning tasks.

Metrocubo provides a GPU based supercomputer in a desktop suitable size. More


Consultancy services to solve the most challenging computer-based drug discovery problems

Obtain up to a millisecond of molecular dynamics (MD) data for your system from our team of experts. More

Obtain binding poses, kinetics, binding affinities and binding pathways for your compounds of choice. More

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