Next-Generation computing infrastructure

Specially designed to run demanding MD, Metrocubo is a GPU-based supercomputer of desktop size. Metrocubo GPU hardware delivers the highest teraflops per dollar ratio and offers your organization an efficient entry into the era of desktop high-throughput molecular dynamics simulations and artificial intelligence.

Years of development and thorough testing, yielded the current edition of Metrocubo. Housed by our innovative, compact and cost-effective patent pending GPU chassis, Metrocubo ensures maximum performance at low temperatures and low noise levels, while minimizing space.

Loaded with modern GPUs and the latest version of ACEMD, our popular GPU molecular dynamics simulation software, Metrocubo can run at full GPU loads for extended periods of time uninterrupted. Metrocubo hardware is available for purchase worldwide.

My impression is good since the beginning, in a workstation with 4 GPUs we have the power of a small supercomputer.

M. Ceccarelli, Ph.D., University of Cagliari

Metrocubo Advantages

  • Ready-to-plugin: Simulations can start right after delivery.
  • Hybrid cluster configuration: Run ACEMD and CPU-centric software simultaneously.
  • GPU cluster configuration: Run MD simulations in high-throughput cost-effectively.
  • Fully tested and guaranteed by Acellera. Each MD appliance is fully tested and inspected before shipping.
  • One order of magnitude more power efficient than any other CPU-based cluster solution.
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to CPU clusters of equivalent computational power.
  • Offers supercomputing capabilities for small to medium R&D environments such as research groups and divisions.



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