Acellera Now in North America

We are pleased to inform that Acellera Ltd has now a business development point of contact in North America. Ignasi Buch, a PhD in Computational Biophysics and an experienced user of ACEMD, is based in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). He can be contacted by USA, Canada and Mexico customers for questions regarding any of Acelera’s expanding line high-throughput molecular dynamics based products, as well as for the development of strategic partnerships.

Contact details:
Ignasi Buch, PhD

We look forward to working with you.

The Acellera Ltd. team

alejandroAcellera Now in North America
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A great new paper using ACEMD

100 for the price of 1:

Current computational tools allow performing microsecond long simulations routinely at low cost.  In a perspective article  Harvey and De Fabritiis discuss in the context of drug discovery the potential of performing molecular dynamics simulations in high-throughput (HT-MD) and argue the time for HT-MD is here.

Sweet dynamics:

Sattelle et al. use ACEMD to produce microsecond simulations of pyranose ring puckering and study its dependence on anomeric configuration. These results appear in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B:

alejandroA great new paper using ACEMD
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